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How to Realise You Are Lucky PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล
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It is easy and normal to have moments where you feel depressed or down on yourself. If you have these moments often, or are having a day where you feel very unlucky, here is how to help yourself realise that you actually are lucky, and should feel happy.



Write a luck list.  

1 Write a luck list.  Have you ever felt that you weren't lucky? Lots of people feel that they aren't lucky, and that no one has it worse than them. Truth is, a lot of people probably have it worse than you. Here's a good way to realize how lucky you really are.

           • Get a sheet of paper. If you plan to make a luck list on a regular basis, you may wish to get a notebook or journal.

           • Label your paper 'My Luck List'.

           • Record everything good that has happened to you today. They can be extraordinary things, or things normally taken for granted, like being healthy, or things that are extremely obscure and apply only to you, like seeing a pretty flower.

           • The moment something happens to you that makes you feel lucky or good, write it down in the notebook.

           • Occasionally read over your list to help you realize how lucky you are.

           • Finished.

           • Don't force yourself to think of things. If you can't think of anything, just put the notebook in a safe place for a while.


Think about things you normally take for granted, such as having hot water or the Internet. 


2 Think about things you normally take for granted, such as having hot water or the Internet. Challenge yourself go without it. If you find it is too important to do without, consider how lucky you are to have access to it.


 What Earth Would Look Like If Only 100 People Lived Here


 Of 100 people, 70 would not have access to the internet; 48 live on less than $2 a day; 75 have cell phones; and 87 would have safe water.

Courtesy of Jack Hagley

Of 100 people, 70 would not have access to the internet; 48 live on less than $2 a day; 75 have cell phones; and 87 would have safe water.




Listen to, watch or read the news every once in a while.

3 Listen to, watch or read the news every once in a while. You're sure to hear about plenty of bad things happening to people around the world. Consider how lucky you are not be involved.



4 Remember positive things that have happened to you in the past. Think about the circumstances that created those events and whether they can be recreated. If not, consider how lucky you are that everything co-ordinated to make that event occur.



5 Remind yourself of how lucky you are. Remind yourself that you're lucky just to have running water, food to eat whenever you want it, good health, and even access to a computer. Here's how you do it:

           • Understand how fortunate you are compared to most people in the world. Remind yourself that many people in the world do not have many basic things that you take for granted. It's likely that you've never had to deal with real hunger, that you're healthy and can see a doctor fairly easily, that you have enough clothes to stay warm, and that you don't feel oppressed in the place where you live. This is more than many people can say.

Starving children in kenya




          • Don't let things discourage you from reaching your goal.

          • If you have a home, a roof to sleep under, a fridge with food and 3 meals a day, you are luckier than 75% of the people in the world.




Source from Website : http://www.wikihow.com


 The world as 100 people


The world population has now reached 7 billion people. This milestone inspired us to conduct research to update our statistics, and the changes over the past 5 years are remarkable. In 2006, only 1 person out of 100 would have had a college education-- today that number has jumped to 7 thanks in part to advances in higher education in Asia.

If the World were 100 PEOPLE:

Gender                         50 would be female
                                      50 would be male

Age                              26 would be 0-14
                                    66 would be 15-64
                                     8 would be 65 and older



Geography                 60 would be from Asia
                                    15 would be from Africa
                                    11 would be from Europe
                                     9 would be from Latin America & the Caribbean
                                     5 would be from North America



Religion                       33 would be Christian
                                    22 would be Muslim
                                    14 would be Hindu
                                      7 would be Buddhist
                                   12 would believe in other religions
                                   12 would not be religious or identify themselves  as being aligned with a particular faith



First Language          12 would speak Chinese
                                     5 would speak Spanish
                                     5 would speak English
                                     3 would speak Arabic
                                     3 would speak Hindi
                                     3 would speak Bengali
                                     3 would speak Portuguese
                                     2 would speak Russian
                                     2 would speak Japanese
                                   62 would speak other languages


Overall Literacy           83 would be able to read and write
                                       17 would not



Literacy by Gender      88% of males would be able to read and write
                                    12% of males would not be able to read and write
                                    79% of females would be able to read and write
                                    21% of females would not be able to read and write


Education                    76% of eligible males would have a primary school education
                                     72% of eligible females would have a primary school education

                                     66% of eligible males would have a secondary school education
                                     63% of eligible females would have a secondary school education

                                      7 would have a college degree



Urban/Rural                  51 would be urban dwellers
                                     49 would be rural dwellers




Drinking Water               87 would have access to safe drinking water
                                      13 would use unimproved water




Food                             15 would be undernourished
Infectious Disease         <1% would have HIV/AIDS
                                      <1%would have tuberculosis




Poverty                           48 would live on less than $2 USD per day
                                        1 out of 2 children would live in poverty




Electricity                       78 would have electricity
                                      22 would not




Technology                    75 would be cell phone users
                                      30 would be active internet users
                                      22 would own or share a computer



Of 100 people, 70 would not have access to the internet 




Sanitation                      65 would have improved sanitation
                                      16 would have no toilets
                                      19 would have unimproved toilets



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plunged the Max Bell Centre Arenas into darkness on Friday night."Pretty surprising and luckily there were no injuries or mishaps. That could have been very dangerous," said tournament chairman Mike O'Neil.The two feature games that
were cut short will pick up where they left off, officials announced on Saturday.
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Fields of Misery: The goat haven has received a significant buff from the 1.0.8 mod density changes.
Goats and toads are abundant, and while slightly more spread
out due to the size of the area, you can still train wreck
mob packs easily because they are grouped up and very susceptible
to AOE skills. Roll through this area and your xp bar will move significantly..
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wholesale nfl jerseys The Dynamic Stretch Analysis (DSA) technology that has gone into the jersey is
used in the aerospace industry to test where aircraft
wings should be reinforced, says adidas. So the chances of another Sonny Bill
Williams sideline strip off appear slim. The two way weave is designed to stretch
for comfort but not to give when a tackler tries to grab a handful
of shirt as an All Black flies by. wholesale nfl jerseys

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I know it seems like an obvious answer, but it may not be quite that simple for
me. I mean I love sports, all sports. It starts with the lineup,
when you are facing your opponent notice which way
they are aligned, if they are off to the right then you will
drive them to the right if the play is occurring on the
left side of the field. When executing this block start with your play side
foot, meaning if the play is on the right side of you it will be your right foot.
Move quickly and in a speed bursting motion, make solid contact with your
opponent to drive them off in the direction that
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cheap jerseys Alexander the Great needs no introduction. He
was the only man who single handedly went on to conquer half
the civilized world, in less than a decade. He was educated by Aristotle, the famous philosopher.
The Texas carrier said it will sell the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone for $199.99 with
a two year contract. Users can also purchase the device through the AT Next plan and
pay $25 per month over 26 months or $32.50 per month over 20 months.
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"He is six people behind Bill Belichick, walking in well before the rest of the media,"
Glazer said. The jersey was in that black bag under his arm.
CT. They found someone 50 years older than the founders of the company.not
just about energy and enthusiasm, it also about
experience and organization.Frank also suggests that executive coaching can help ease the transition from
the boss of the living room to the boss at the office without the fun. Coaching, he said, helps promote self reflection, articulate ideas, desires and aspirations,
and clarify one purpose and goals. Not a sign of weakness, but a sign of power..

Cheap Jerseys free shipping Selling the dust, essence,
or shards that are produced from your old gear can be more valuable than the gear itself.
The problem with enchanting is that it can be somewhat costly to level up, as you have
to be constantly disenchanting uncommon and rare items. This can be
negated if you have a higher level character that can farm instances for you though.

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wholesale jerseys Considering the practical aspects of the hydraulic system, it has been observed that driving the rotary
vane pump by coupling it to the engine uses up a significant amount of the car's fuel, making
the system inefficient. To improve on this, a hybrid system has been designed, which uses an electric
motor instead to pressurize the fluid, while the rest of the hydraulic
system functions as it is. Since the electric motor runs on the vehicle's
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Cheap Jerseys china PolitiFact New YorkTV and MediaWeatherEdi torialsLetters to the EditorAdam
ZyglisStateThe Sabres are so overmatched most nights, they have no choice but to take baby steps
through their season, and it's fairly obvious
where Ted Nolan is having an impact. There's more teaching on the ice in practice
in a single day than there was in weeks under Ron Rolston. So it's no shock
they're much better prepared to start games.After scoring
first just twice in their first 22 games (20 of those under Rolston),
they've done it three times in a row under Nolan. Cheap Jerseys china

cheap nfl jerseys By the time we reached the first of two ferries on our route, it was late afternoon. We discovered we were too late to connect with the last trip that day on the second ferry
so our decision where to spend the night was
made for us. We found a nice motel near the ferry and enjoyed an excellent seafood dinner..

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to high views of St. Mary's Glacier. Side trip to top of Yankee Hill is steep and rough.

Michael Hussey is an unusual choice at the top, yet Chennai's decision to open with him ensures stability and a solid foundation for the
muscular middle order to launch from. After a personally fulfilling
Ashes, Hussey was laid low by a serious hamstring injury that kept him out of the initial stages of
the World Cup. With Matthew Hayden missing in action this year,
Hussey should face no hindrance in resuming his alliance with M
Vijay at the top of the order. cheap nfl jerseys

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cheers. And then when that happened, people just kind of groaned and it
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entertainment, car racing, exploration, gore, bloodshed or battle to
the death; the list has it all for you in this turned up a notch collection. There's no doubt that
the new PS3 games coming this year have been improved upon, and made befitting for the
demands of its huge following. Other console giants are also battling it out to make it to
the top, with these companies trying to reach a broader demography as the
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ADAMS: Yeah, at 15, my brother and I, we were both arrested.
And you know, during the what's called the arrest processing where you fill out the
documents just in the, you know, in the middle of it, the two officers who arrested us took us downstairs, and they just assaulted
us. And just for many days after, you know, it caused urination of blood.

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for antiquesFrom years of boxing, the top of Archie Hickerson's right hand looks as if another hand
had melted onto it. At rest, his fingers fan out unnaturally.

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These are hungry creatures and their favourite dish is cashmere.
With Marks Spencer's shelves groaning under the weight of super
soft sweaters, St Michael has become the patron saint of moths,
boosting both their numbers and their voracity.
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If there is any dispute about or involving the site, by using
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cheap jerseys She was 15 years old when she competed at
the games, and the team was coached by David Williams of Truro and registered there.
Because of this, she spent close to two years travelling to Truro for practices.

To qualify for the games, the team had to compete in a lot of tournaments as well..
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cheap jerseys I fancy she wished wished intensely to give me the benefit of her "ide elle." She made a quick,
violent gesture of disgusted contempt, and turned toward the half open door from which she had come.

She began again to dilate upon the little weaknesses of the person behind,
when silently and swiftly it closed. We heard the lock click.
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wholesale nfl jerseys from china It was an underwhelming pre season for quarterback Drew Willy and the No.
1 offence, which combined for just 10 points and no touchdowns
through three quarters of action. But most of that came with a vanilla playbook,
one that will be replaced with a fast paced scheme from new offensive co ordinator Paul La Police..
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Cheap Jerseys from china So they can pay the trainers a decent salary and get the best guys.

On the other side, because of the amount of foreigners here you don't actually train with the Thais.
They do pad work and such, but not things like one on one sparring.
So pervasive is sprawl, extremists are using it
to justify their acts of ecoterrorism. Last year in suburban New York several houses and a condominium, all newly built and unoccupied, were
set afire; earlier, gasoline was used to torch
a luxury house for sale in Colorado. By 2025 the United States will
be home to nearly 63 million more people than are here today.

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as it can overestimate fatness in some people. Body builders and
other highly muscled athletes may register as having a BMI that puts them in the
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cheap jerseys The rapport between Himachal Pradesh chief
minister Virbhadra Singh and transport minister GS Bali is not
easy to understand. Bali had got upset with chief minister Virbhadra Singh for not being allowed to share the stage with Congress vice president Rahul during the party rally in Dharamshala on December 24.
And he kept away from the CM winter sojourn to Kangra this time.
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"It was something I was terrified of," O'Neal said of the Lakers' legacy of centers.
"We made it to the Finals that one year. That was good, but it wasn't as good as them yet. The anticipation of weeks, or months, of horse trading, accusations of betrayal, and fancy talk of "constitutional crisis" if Labour and the Tories dead heat and cannot form a workable coalition solely with Lib Dem support, is delicious. Who wouldn't relish a second election late next year, and a third in 2016? A period of genteel paralysis on Belgian lines (brave little Belgium recently survived 535 days without a government) would be more than arch commentary on governmental impotence in a globalised world, or the collapse of public faith in traditional leadership. It would be tremendous fun.

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Bank in 2012. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of The Garibaldi Group,
a corporate real estate services firm headquartered in Chatham, New Jersey.
Mr. "(With) Chris, I'm not going to take credit for what he did," adds the former University of Montana star, noting he's only seen one other kid
come through his camps that's gone to Div. 1 Kelowna
safety Taylor Loffler, who is a junior at Boise State.

"I personally feel (Chris) was so motivated that he was going to find a way. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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Even though it's a sad time, it's awesome to be around all these people
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these include supporting someone's blatantly sexist attitudes because, I don't know,
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After the game, I met a family of four from Omaha, Nebraska.
The parents brought their Kansas U daughter to Chicago to
shop and their KU son to Chicago to see his first ever NHL game.
He's a massive Pittsburgh Penguins fan, so he's well aware of Chuck Fletcher, Todd Richards and Petr Sykora.

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Bickerstaff has the NBA experience and a tough love approach
that seems to have reached Smith, mainly by emphasizing the positive.
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look at him in competitive action and the pressure
that goes with playing for the team home and away."Mowbray had given 22 year old striker Paul McGowan his first start for the club against St Johnstone, but the manager stressed that it should not be viewed as a sign of experimentation after giving up hope of winning the title."He had been so impressive in training and in games he had been playing for the
second team and the kid needed an opportunity
and I gave him that opportunity, which he grabbed with both
hands," he said.Mowbray would not be drawn on whether a victory over St Mirren, which would reduce Rangers' lead to seven points, could put pressure on the league leaders, even though Celtic would have played two more games."I am only interested in my team playing and winning football matches as we
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Use stones seeing that herb markers if anyone want to keep
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That way you will be in a position to explain to what type of plants you have got
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Test developing crops that are simple store or store by themselves.
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Give attention to the temperatures in your backyard.

As soon as it is early, or late, in the season there is some sort
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Drop is a superb time of often the year to plant a fall veggie garden. The slight temperature
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Expanding an autumn garden does indeed require some organizing because you need to pick your salad crop just before
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add a couple of months for the time posted on the seed box.
If the total variety of days is forty five, make sure you plant your fall
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Create warmth with golden or orange foliage. Aesthetic vibrancy in addition to warmth exudes from glowing and yellow-leaved foliage.
They are really particularly effective in questionable locations, offering the illusion of mild and depth.

That they organize magnificently with magenta plants or deep
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Plant inside the shade. All plants require
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Plants native to wood land parts are usually happy
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There are a lot of plants that will prosper in a badly lit lawn, including Hosta, Couleur, Foxglove, Helleborus, Japanese Anemone, and even Ajuga.
By planting all these, you will have some sort of year-round show of coloring in however,
shadiest of gardens.

Should you have a adolescent baby, consider using your child in a
book bag as you garden. Being out-of-doors is a superb stimulating experience intended for a good infant,
plus these people get to hang out with a person.
Organic gardening is definitely most secure for baby, since right now there is no risk involving them coming across harsh as well as dangerous chemicals
while you work.

One of often the best techniques to possibly be successful in organic gardening is to plan earlier.
The perfect laid out plans for an natural back garden, usually make
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Praise the areas of your yard exactly where grass will
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Do certainly not try to regrow cup there. Go ahead fertilizer
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One particular odd but apparently useful tip with regard to growing natural and organic plants, should be to lightly brush your flowers with your current fingers or
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Here will be a tip for organic and natural gardening!
Make use of a rain assess. Most vegetation require about a
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much you need to be able to water, its significant to be able to know how much
water the plants received through rain. As rainfall
can vary greatly within a area, have a tendency count on your own personal weather review; instead employ a
rain measure to help determine the amount that chop down from your position.

Many pony farms will certainly give you their horses manure
for free in the event that you inquire. Some
is going to even transport that to your front door for some
sort of small fee. Horse manure is certainly loaded with vitamins
and minerals that plants hunger for. Usually, the manure is definitely mixed up with
wood shavings to be able to reduce the smell. For
any serious organic, make positive that typically the
shavings employed are also natural.

In the event your life is stressful, farming cannot be
recommended enough. Since you have seen by reading through this informative article, gardening is an easy leisure
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