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How to Deal With Being Single and Feeling Lonely PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล
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Are you single? Are you tired and fed up of seeing happy, in love couples kissing in parks and walking through the city arm in arm? Do you feel lonely that everyone else in your social group has a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Being single is not a bad thing, in-fact being single has many benefits. For many of us however it can be a hard thing to go through and can play with our emotions and self confidence. Read this step-by step article about how you can deal with being single and feeling lonely!




Spend time with family and friends.

1 Spend time with family and friends. If you are feeling lonely, talk to your family and hang out with your friends. Sitting on your own, in a darken room with the curtains closed will do nothing for your confidence and will make you feel more pessimistic. Get out there and socialize with friends and take your mind off being single!



2 Don't think less of yourself. Being in a relationship does not make you a better, more achieved person. It doesn't matter if you haven't met someone who is as crazy about you as you are with them yet; these things take time. Finding someone who you are 100% compatible with doesn't just happen out of the blue.



3 Don't go searching. Some say that you don't find love, love finds you. What this old saying means is love isn't something you buy, it's something that is earned and discovered. Sure there are those people that are always in relationships, but if you actually think about it, how many of those people are in love? Just don't go round thinking you are going to be lonely for the rest of your life because you WILL meet the person of your dreams you just have patience and meet new people. Love will find you when you are least expecting it!



If you are lonely, take up a new sport or exercise.

4 Exercise. If you are lonely, take up a new sport or exercise. Running and swimming in particular are great sports to relieve stress and depression.



5 Think about your standards. Can you be a bit fussy when it comes to picking a new boyfriend/girlfriend? Maybe you need to re-evaluate your standards - make sure your expectations are reasonable and forgiving, without compromising your needs. Try going for someone who you wouldn't usually go for.



Take up hobbies like yoga 

6 Learn a new skill. Take up hobbies like reading, dancing, yoga, judo... All things like that. These are great things to do to stop feeling down all the time.


Do yoga

Do yoga 



Try not to idealize relationships.

7 Try not to idealize relationships. Being in a relationship with someone isn't easy at all, if anything people in relationships have more problems than singletons. Relationships are hard work, and isn't a walk in the park!




8 Don't live in past and hold on to past relationship/crushes. This is a very common thing people do when they have been hurt in a previous relationship. Accept the fact that you two are over and that yeah, you had a good time while it lasted but times have changed and people have moved on. Be optimistic!


Always look on the bright side of life!

9 Always look on the bright side of life! Be happy and content within yourself and NEVER EVER think that you are not worthy of being in a relationship or that you are out of someone's league.




          • It is better to be alone and content than in an unhealthy relationship.

          • Socialize with friends that are good for you, not someone who will bring you down

          • Love yourself! You need to be confident without someone to stabilize you!

          • Don't dwell on the past. The present is now and the future is paved out of your present!

          • Be proud of who you are, because everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

          • Accept yourself for who you are and know you are just as good without him/her.

          • Learn to love yourself.




          • Don't try to start a relationship for the sake of having a relationship - you are meant to find true love, not someone to improve your image.

          • Do not think you are not worthy of being in a relationship because you are. You just haven't met the right person yet.


Source from Website : http://www.wikihow.com



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